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Who's Afraid of Lara Croft?

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see DDG's preview: Tomb Raider -The Angel of Darkness

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Lara Croft - the cartridge-emptying digital danger girl is the pixelized neo-day equivalent of the comic book pulp hero. Since her arrival on the scene in 1996, she has had four follow-up games, appeared on magazine covers, has her own line of merchandise, toys, trading cards, and comic book, and even toured with the pop band U2, and hit the big screen portrayed by an Oscar winning actress. Now our fave archeologist has a new adventure in store, the long awaited "The Angel of Darkness" due out late this year. Lara's place has been firmly etched into today's pop psyche.

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I recommend that you check out the expanded areas at Lara's Official Site as well.

New Year's 2003 - Eidos Interactive and Core design proudly presents the 'Making of - Lara Croft Tomb Raider: Angel of Darkness' trailer. This documentary details the development journey of the forthcoming Tomb Raider game and features exclusive interviews with key members of the development team as well as plenty of gameplay clips.

Also to help you ring in the new year are an exclusive Lara Croft calendar and an Angel of Darkness screensaver. Now you can enjoy some quality-time with Lara 12 months a year. You can download both today at!

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